Thursday, 21 January 2016

Earthquake Haiku

Earthquake Haiku

The ground is shaking,
Hades is having a fit,
Everything is wrecked.

Sunday, 17 January 2016


 Crunchy Autumn

Dead leaves are swaying,
Down and down they go to graves,
Autumn is it's cause.

Snowy Brilliantness

The brilliant snow,
Is white, chilly and fluffy,
and/that delights people.

The Rooster's Coo!

A rooster clucks: Coo!
To establish the morning,
Cluck! All is awake.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Friendship Swing

My brother, Kaveesh, and I always loved swings, but we never expected a swing to be outside our house. Swinging on the breeze was a way to make friends, and that is how I got to know Yee, one of my best friends. When I was soaring through the skies on the graceful swings on the playground, I met Yee. I asked the child who was swinging next to me with the playful eyes,“Hi. Want to play?” I asked him.
I remembered that we were laughing as we were swinging on the turquoise swings, chatting away about Yee’s old school, my old school, and some moments of our childhood. Like long lost friends brought back, we chatted about school and science facts together.
Yee was one of my best friends. We normally met up after lunch time and ran around playing with swings, accompanied by Fayez and Yanne.
I was stunned to hear that Yee was moving away, not to another country, but to another school in Malaysia. I found out that this was because of the oil companies and money, because Yee could no longer afford to go to school. He could no longer afford to go to ISKL. I didn’t think I’d have a play date with him again, because he would live far away near Sunway International School and friends often drift apart when they are unable to see each other every day. If only I could play with Yee one more time on the swings...
I asked my mother for another play date with Yee, and the outcome was yes. My father and neighbor were coming along because Yee’s father was selling a wooden swing to us. I briefly remembered Yee and I swinging with Fayez on that swing at his house. I had good memories of the swing, when I gently swayed on the swing, with the breeze in my hair.
As my father, neighbor, and Yee’s father were disassembling the wooden swing, Yee showed me his photobooks. I noticed that the swing was there for many years, and I was sad for Yee that he had to move it away to me. We were laughing, spending one of the last times we were together, when my Dad said “Praveen? It’s time to go!”
As I said my goodbyes, I wiped a tear away from my face, hoping that others don’t gush out, like a broken dam.
“Bye Uncle” I said. “Bye Yee”.
A few months have passed and a I have spent a lot of time outside sitting on the wooden swing, thinking of Yee, sometimes with my brother, sometimes not.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Collaboration Tiny Story

Collaboration carries, guides and helps people walk into the room, cloaked in contribution, wrapped in teamwork. He frequently propels us a tiny bit farther to being a group member. Collaboration provides everybody with proof or information, friendship and the knowledge of becoming a leader, because that is how we can sharpen our understanding of things.Image result for collaboration

Friday, 4 September 2015

Depending On When You Met Me...

Depending on when you met me, I might have been: A competitive soccer player, the kid who jumped off the swimming pool slide and majorly hurt his chin, the small big brother, a graduate of ISKL elementary school, a nerd of video games, a lover of Rick Riordan books, the youngest kid in grade six, a Marvel movie fan, an early generation Pokemon player, an interested learner, or a mathematician.

Tiny Story

Image result for brazucaSunburned, training his skills in football, swivelling through all the cones with a trusty ball, one droplet of pure achievement, two, and lots more slowly travelled from his hardworking face onto the sizzling hot grass.